The Virage

By the end of the 1980s, the Aston Martin range consisted of the now very dated V8 cars. A new model was desperately needed, but there wasn’t the money to invest in anything too radical.

The new car used a shortened and modified Lagonda chassis onto which was mounted a stylish new body, hence appeared less bulky than its predecessor. Perhaps unfortunately if you knew, it was fitted with Volkswagen lamps front and rear. As before, the body was hand-made from aluminium.

The V8 engine had been thoroughly reworked, adopting all-new cylinder heads with four valves per cylinder that allowed the use of unleaded fuel while, at the same time, maintaining power and improving economy.

Initially it produced 330bhp. However, in 1992, a 465bhp 6.3-litre Vantage version came out, addressing earlier criticisms that the Virage was underpowered. At the same time, the car’s smooth lines were joined by flared wheel arches and larger front and rear spoilers.

The Virage interior was unashamedly luxurious, as by this time Aston Martins had become known as luxury cars rather than pure sporting machines. The Virage name was dropped in 1995, but the same basic body design continued until year 2000, badged simply as ‘V8’.

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  1. Keith L

    8 / 27 / 2013 4:33 pm

    This beauty has one of the best throaty growls ever, I had one back in the 80’s and it was a serious head turner.




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