The DB5

The DB5 was an evolution of the last of the DB4s that preceded it and went on to become perhaps the most famous Aston Martin of all time, after it appeared in the James Bond films Goldfinger and Thunderball in the early 1960s.

As before, the body used a steel chassis with a unique tubular frame, on which the aluminium body panels were mounted. By making the car around 90mm longer, there was more room inside, making it a more comfortable touring car.

The DB5’s engine had an increased capacity of 3995cc, which led to a power output of 282bhp. Despite this, the extra weight of the car negated the increase in power, so it wasn’t until the 314bhp Vantage version arrived that a real improvement in performance over the DB4 could be noticed.

As before, the standard four-speed gearbox could be supplemented with an optional overdrive. However, from 1964, the car was fitted with a new five-speed gearbox. A three-speed automatic remained an option but was rarely chosen.

In its two-year production life, 886 DB5 coupes were built, plus 123 convertibles. There were also 12 shooting brakes (estates) specially built to order.

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