The DB4

Work began on the DB4 at about the same time as the DB Mark III (commonly mistaken as the DB3, which was a race car) was being developed. The DB4 was essentially an all-new car. The square-tubed frame was replaced by a sheet-steel floorpan with a tubular steel cage above, on which hand-formed aluminium body panels were attached.

The car carried a new 240bhp, 3.7-litre, six-cylinder engine, with the later Vantage version producing 266bhp. With this sort of power, the DB4 became the first production car to be capable of reaching 100mph and returning to a standstill in under 30 seconds. With a heady top speed of 140mph, it was a machine that could compete with the best Italian supercars of its day.

The power was fed through a four-speed manual gearbox with the option of an overdrive, which made for more comfortable high-speed cruising. A three-speed automatic was also optional.

Over its production life, the DB4 was revised and updated, and there are five distinct versions known as Series 1 to 5 (the latter of which had the cowled headlamps from the DB4 GT, hence looked similar to the DB5). A convertible version was offered from 1961.

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