The DB2

The first Aston Martin officially to carry a ‘DB’ badge was the DB2, first unveiled in 1950 described as ‘the most beautiful car in the world’ by Motor magazine.

The body panels were hand-formed from lightweight 18-gauge aluminium and attached to a strong but light square-section tubular frame, derived from that of the Atom. The bonnet and front wings were combined into one large panel that tipped forwards for excellent access to the engine.

The engine was a straight-six, 105bhp unit featuring an iron block, twin overhead camshafts and a capacity of 2580cc. It powered the DB2 to a respectable top speed of 117mph. The power was fed through a four-speed gearbox which had synchromesh on all gears.

The DB2 was available in coupe and drophead coupe forms, with a more powerful Vantage version following at the end of 1950. This had a more powerful engine producing 125bhp, thanks in part to larger twin SU carburettors.

Inside, the DB2 was strictly a two-seater car, with passengers enjoying a comfortable, leather-lined cockpit. Luggage space was limited to a small area behind the seats. Over its three-year production life, 411 examples of the DB2 were built, about 100 of which were drop-head coupes.

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