2-Litre Sports – The DB1

The first Aston Martin produced under the directorship of David Brown was the 2-Litre Sports of 1948. Because of this, and the fact it was followed by the DB2, this rare car retrospectively became known as the ‘DB1’, although it was never budged thus.

The car was a two-seater, but the bench seat did allow a third person to be squeezed in if required. The Sports was designed as a drop-head coupe, although a couple of examples were built with fixed roofs.

The 2-Litre Sports was powered by a 1970cc four-cylinder engine that Claude Hill had developed, linked to a conventional four-speed gearbox. The compact engine looked lost under that long bonnet and didn’t give the car the performance it deserved but, at the time, it was the only powerplant available to the company.

Aston Martin only produced around 15 examples of the expensive 2-Litre Sports between 1948 and 1950, the majority being drophead coupes. The more powerful and more refined DB2 with its six-cylinder engine replaced the car in 1950.

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