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Aston Martin has made some special and appreciable models in the past, and has continued to do so to this day. Some of these special models have created a colossal impression on the general public, meaning their values have stuck, or even rocketed over the years. Here are just a few of the most interesting vintage models.

Firstly, we’ll start with the DB4 Zagato. Truly a revolutionary design for its day, Zagato combines smooth curvaceous lines with aggressive air intakes, creating an absolutely stunning car. Just 20 cars were produced, and because of the huge rarity, a good DB4 Zagato will reach around £2million at auction today.

Next along is the Aston Martin 2.0-litre Sports, which has retrospectively become known as the DB1. This car had classic lines which hinted at those of American roadsters of the same period. Just 15 of these beautiful machines were produced, meaning that they will fetch in excess of an estimated £500,000 in an auction today.

Perhaps the most famous Aston Martin model of all time is the James Bond DB5, along with its extensive list of modifications. These included an oil-slick dispenser, smoke screen, extendable front and rear overriders for ramming, extendable bulletproof steel barrier behind the rear window, revolving cutters in the wheel hubs, and revolving number plates.

The famous car was bought from Aston Martin for about £6,000 in 1969, and sold to a private collector in an RM Auctions sale in 2010. The car sold for £2.6 million.

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