The Virage

Utilising the best of the DBS and DB9 underpinnings into one package, the Virage is what many would call the perfect mix. Despite looking similar to the DB9, every single panel of the car, bar the roof and windscreen, is completely new.

Coming with shorter gear ratios, 490bhp, a lighter yet stiffer chassis and carbon ceramic brakes, there is no doubt the Virage has definite sporting roots. In combination with this, you get a perfectly relaxed ride, refined gear changed, and a quieter cabin; there have been no compromises.

Many motoring magazines have called the Virage ‘the best GT car in the world’, and it is just that, combining the three virtues of Aston Martin perfectly; Power, Beauty, and Soul.

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  1. AM Lover

    8 / 27 / 2013 4:31 pm

    This spectacular car is my dream, one day I may be able to afford it!




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