The Virage

The Virage sits between the DB9 and DBS, using a 5.9-litre V12 producing 490bhp and 570Nm. Costing around £20,000 more than its equivalent DB9, the Virage is a more exclusive preposition, aimed at buyers who want the prestige and status of the DBS, but in a much more subtle package.

Despite looking visually similar to the DB9, every body panel – other than the roof and windscreen – is brand new to the Virage. On the interior, brand new sports seats can be found, on which contrasting stitching can be specced. Extra sound deadening in both the front and rear bulkheads also means cruising is quieter than ever.

Changes to the chassis have made the car stiffer still, and despite being very slightly wider, longer and taller than the DB9, it tips the scales at 15kg less than its DB cousin. The Touchtronic 2 transmission also received revised gear ratios, with the final drive moving from 3:154:1 to 3:46:1 as per the DBS, meaning the car hits 0-60mph in just 4.6 seconds. The stiffened chassis also gives the car a more sportive feel, and with wider tyres and carbon ceramic brakes front and rear, the car is dynamically more capable.

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