Aston Martin Racing

1953-6 (DB3S)

In 1953, Aston Martin created a new race car, which debuted at the famous French 24-hour Le Mans in 1953. It was designed and built to replace its unsuccessful predecessor

2009-11 (Lola LMP1/AMR-One)

In 2009 Aston Martin went to Le Mans with an all-new race car – the Lola LMP1. The team was hugely successful, achieving first place for a petrol car –

2006-8 (Vantage N24/DBR9)

After a massively long period without racing, Aston Martin returned once again, this time with another new car. The Vantage N24 was based on the standard road going model, and

1989 (AMR1)

It was decided that Aston Martin would once again race, after its motorsport efforts as an engine supplier to Nimrod Racing and EMKA Racing during the early 1980s. As a

1959-60 (Formula 1)

Following great success at Le Mans a year earlier, Aston Martin intended to repeat this success in the higher tier of racing – Formula One. A new race car was

1956-60 (DBR1)

1956 saw a new race car built by Aston Martin, named the DBR1. Following changes to the rules for motor racing, competitors no longer had to use cars which were

1932-4 (1½ litre International)

The start to Aston Martins racing international racing career was made by the suitably named Aston Martin International. The international was entered into the famous French 24-hour Le Mans race