1932-4 (1½ litre International)

The start to Aston Martins racing international racing career was made by the suitably named Aston Martin International. The international was entered into the famous French 24-hour Le Mans race in 1931, and was one of just six cars to finish the race.

Placing fifth out of 26 cars, Aston Martin had established its name as a sporty household brand. Further emphasising its racing expertise, the International went on to be driven at Brooklands. It averaged a speed of 76mph, breaking no less than ten world records in just 16.5 hours.

Just a year later in 1932, the international was entered into the biennial cup at Le Mans, and achieved a phenomenal first place. This fabulous record of racing in such a short space of time set new benchmarks for road holding and handling, instantly proving Aston Martins ability to design and build some of the best race cars in the world.

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